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David Barrett Partners

Partner Elizabeth Havens quoted in the Women & Minority CIO Special Feature Issue of Emerging Manager Monthly

Elizabeth Havens comments on exposure, mentorship and retention as key aspects in encouraging more women to enter the investment space in the July 2019 Emerging Manager Monthly, noting that David Barrett Partners always attempts to present a diverse set of candidates when conducting searches. "It's not guaranteeing them the job, but giving them a seat at the table to present themselves and their capabilities. It's crucial to utilize diverse networks to find people who potentially may not have been considered for that role." On what she has seen with her clients on presenting diverse candidates, Havens adds, "Some clients track the number of diverse candidates we present, as well as those the hiring manager interviews; it's a good way to understand where potential bottlenecks are occurring."

Details in Emerging Manager Monthly July 19, 2019


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