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David Barrett Partners continues to be active in senior investment and wealth management leadership hires.


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  1. Trends in Private Equity Recruiting

    Human Capital: The Indispensable Asset Class is a periodic newsletter published by David Barrett Partners focusing on noteworthy human capital developments in our practice areas. Private Equity Recruiting is the first in the series highlighting themes for 2017.

    Details in Human Capital: The Indispensable Asset Class March 23, 2017
  2. Dartmouth College Appoints Alice Ruth, a Former Money Manager for Michael Bloomberg, as New Endowment Chief

    Dartmouth College has hired Alice Ruth as chief investment officer to oversee its $4.5 billion endowment. A Dartmouth alumna, Ruth was previously chief investment officer of Willett Associates, Michael Bloomberg's family office and family foundation. David Barrett Partners assisted Dartmouth with the search.

    Details in The Wall Street Journal March 13, 2017
  3. Leading Private Equity Recruiter Appointed Senior Advisor to David Barrett Partners

    David Barrett Partners is pleased to announce the appointment of Vanessa Bailey to a senior advisory capacity at the firm, providing it with expanded private equity practice to augment its search capabilities for family offices, traditional asset managers and endowments/foundations.

    Details in Press Release January 30, 2017
  4. TIFF Names Robert Zion Chief Operating Officer

    Robert Zion, Chief Operating Officer at Hirtle Callaghan & Co., has been named to the new position of Chief Operating Officer at The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF). He will report to Richard Flannery, Chief Executive Officer, and join the five-member TIFF Management Committee. David Barrett Partners assisted TIFF with the search.

    Details in TIFF Press Release (PDF) January 11, 2017
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